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Get to know Korea and fall in love with its culture, history, attractions, food, natural wonders and everything in between. Find out for yourself why people keep coming back to this jewel of a country.


Korea Travel
yeongdong district is the ultimate shoppers' paradise. Its busy corridors are considered to be Seoul's main shopping, tourism and commercial districts. It is also classified as one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world. Just some of the historical landmarks worth visiting here are Myeongdong Cathedral and Myeongdong Nanta Theatre.
Korean Food
Listed by Time magazine as one of the top ten places you must definitely visit when in Korea, Itaewon is a place where you'll find bars, clubs and restaurants for every kind of fix. Located near the U.S. Army base, Itaewon is an expat neighborhood that has become a mini melting pot of different cultures.
K-Pop & K-Drama
Located south of the Han River, Gangnam is the third largest locality in Seoul. Its popularity skyrocketed upon the release of the viral single "Gangname Style" by Korean pop star PSY. Gangnam is widely known for medical tourism – you can get everything done here, from plastic surgery to treatment for serious medical conditions.
Korea Hot Issue
Jamsil is located east of Seoul and you'll find Lotte World, the world's largest indoor amusement park, here. Jamsil is filled with lots of noteworthy locations you just can't miss like the Jamsil Hangang Park, home to sports facilities like skating rinks, soccer and volleyball fields. While you're here, head to the fishway in the Jamsil Water Reserve where you can discover the beautiful Hangang River.

Favorite Korea Tour Spots

Dongdaemun shopping

When it comes to shopping and finding amazing deals and finds, Dongdaemoon is the place to be. With over 5,000 shops available at this shopping district, you'll find new and exciting products from clothes to fabric to accessories and everything in between.

Lotte World

This huge indoor entertainment amusement complex features fun rides not just for kids, but for kids at heart as well. You'll also find a Folk Museum, ice-skating rink and outdoor walking trails here. Best of all, Lotte World is easily accessible from the subway.

Nami Island

This beautiful island is well-known for its roads that are lined with trees as well as for its relaxing, laidback atmosphere. Nami Island often serves as a getaway for couples and families as it is very accessible from the capital.

Jeju Island

Famous for its picturesque coastline, Jeju Island was featured by CNN Travel as one of the 40 most beautiful places in South Korea. It is also considered as one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world.


For the Adventurous & Daring – The Definitive guide to exploring Korea’s (and the world’s one and only remaining) Demilitarized Zone.

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