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you should definitely go
Reviewed by : Climber, -1, 2023/03/25
I had an excellent meeting. Ron was a fantastic tour travel guide. I learned a lot about Seoul and t...
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I had an excellent meeting. Ron was a fantastic tour travel guide. I learned a lot about Seoul and the Korean life. I appreciate all they've done for me.
Reviewed by : Climber, -1, 2023/03/25  

Ron's attention to detail is much appreciated. Thank you for making me feel welcome and brightening my day. If you chance to be in Seoul, you should definitely go; I really enjoy it.
Reviewed by : D.Sug, -1, 2023/03/25  

The tour was great. We have learned a lot of about South and North Korean war and also about their modern history. We have walked through the tunnel that is located unther the demilitarized zone(DMZ). After that we were looking the DMZ between North and South Korea from the nice located viewpoint. Our guide was great. She is very proffessional and too kind. She have explained very well all the topics throughout the tour.
Reviewed by : 17Gester, -1, 2023/03/25  

I heartily suggest this tour since it will give you the best possible view of. During the trip, our Korean guide Ron was really helpful and informed.
Reviewed by : Odyssey, -1, 2023/03/25  

hank you, Eva, for guiding our tour. The Korean War is an essential piece of Korean and world history and visiting the DMZ was a great opportunity to connect with thus piece of history. Although there were some delays during the trip, it was well worth the inconvenience for the experience. If you're traveling to Korea, don't miss this tour.
Reviewed by : Donald, -1, 2023/03/25  

Eva was an amazing tour guide! She answered tons of questions. It was a fascinating tour. I wish the JSA was open to go see that but it is currently closed. Going in the tunnel was probably the best part - big uphill walk. I booked two days before based on hotel recommendation. The tour company had an English line to call. I wish I knew ahead of time that we would have to wait around like 2 hours to get tickets to the DMZ. I would have brought a book. Overall great tour and highly recommend.
Reviewed by : Elouf, -1, 2023/03/25  

Nice tour, super interesting to get to know all the facts about the DMZ! We could walk through an old invasion tunnel and see North Korea from the observatory, which was a very unique experience.
Even though we had to wait 3 hours before being able to enter the DMZ, the wait was worth seeing it all.
Reviewed by : 402gre, UK, 2023/03/23  

Tour was great from operator perspective.
Pickup was on time and all staff was friendly. Unfortunately, we experienced a 3 hour delay
but that was not their fault and booking advised of DMZ being very busy.
Reviewed by : blue026, USA, 2023/03/23  

The best part of the tour was the tour guide herself Tracey! She was absolutely amazing, talented narrator, extremely informative and help enrich the amazing experience of going to see the Infiltration tunnels and ofc the main event the Observation Deck, what the heck. Mind blowing to see another world just across the border from us. Well worth visiting.
Reviewed by : David, USA, 2023/03/22  

Learning the history of Korea and the reason for it's division and being able to see into North Korea and experience the infiltration tunnels was excellent
Reviewed by : Sergio, USA, 2023/03/22  

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