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Great tour and unreal experience at the boarder of northkorea!
Reviewed by : Philipp, Canada, 2017/10/07
The tour was a great experience. We really enjoyed the good organization and the kind tour guide. We ...
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The tour was a great experience. We really enjoyed the good organization and the kind tour guide. We got picked up by a minibus at a hotel near our housing and were brought to the tourbus. The tour guide was very nice and good informed. He was talking almost the whole bus ride, so that the bus ride was not boring at all. He was not only talking about history and the current situation, he also mentioned some interesting facts about Seoul. The highlight of the tour was definitely the JSA area, with the unreal experience of facing directly the boarder of northkorea and even cross it at the conference room. Also the 3rd tunnel and the Dora Observatory were nice experience.The view about the landscape of northkorea with the 160 metre flag, the propaganda village and the big industrial complex was amazing. They also played the propaganda program of northkorea at the Dora Observatory. Sadly we were not able to visit the Bridge of No Return for security reasons as it is planned in the program. Our group consisted of about 10-15 people, which is in my opinion the perfect size for a tour like this. On our way back we were dropped off at an amethyst jeweler and we were able to buy something, but it was no problem to rush through it and go back to the bus without buying anything. All in all the tour was a great experience and is really worth its price.
Reviewed by : Philipp, Canada, 2017/10/07  

The trip began by pick up from our hotel. The pick up time was really precise and the buses were convenient and really spatious. Later we have been introduced to our guide - SP, who was amazing - charismatic, cheerful and very talkative, full of news and informations. He told us a lot about history of Korean War, places we were visiting and explained current politics situation in both countries.

Our first stop was Camp Bonifas, the UN/South Korean military base, where we were introduced to out military guide - private Gomez. After brief introduction to the Joined Security Area, Demilitarized Zone and limited-access Civil Control Zone, we have been taken to see the Pan Mun Jeom, Military Armistice Commission Conference Room and Freedom House. We could feel the pressure of the proximity of the North Korean soldiers and could watch them standing on the other side of the border, which was really impressive.

Unfortunately, due to security reasons and the big tension between Koreas, we were not able to see the UN Guard Post 3 and Bridge of No Return, which only showed us, that this military zone is still far from being a peaceful place. In PanMunJeom we were able to stand at the North Korean side of the border and make pictures.

After JSA we were taken back to Camp Bonifas to bought some gifts and souvenirs. Then we went for the lunch to the area of the closed in 2013 entrance to Kaesong Industrial Region. The lunch was very tasty, we ordered traditional bulgogi and there was way more food than anyone could eat.
Our last stop in the DMZ area was Imjingak with the Mangbaeddan monument, Bridge of Freedom and beautiful and spatious park.

Overall, I really appreciate and recommend this trip. Altogether with the large dose of the history and visiting historical places, we received a real image of how looks the world most militarized - Demilitarized Zone. I thinki this is an amazing connection of entertainment and visiting with learning history. Strongly recommend.
Reviewed by : Beniamin Kalinowski, USA, 2017/09/08  

For us , as German travellers,it was a great experience to do this tour to the boarder of South and North Korea. Great staff , who answered every question and . As must to do in the wonderful land of Korea !
Reviewed by : Rene H., Deutsch, 2017/09/08  

In the morning we were picked up by our tour guide S.P. Hong: He is a really charming guy with good english skills and a broad knowledge about WWII and the Korean history. During the trip from Seoul to the DMZ he told us about the historical conditions which led to the korean seperation as we know it today. The trip felt very comfortable due to his funny manner.
Our first stop took us to Imjingak Park where we took a short break. I would have liked to stay there a little longer, especially because it was strange to see a theme park this close to the Korean border.
After the passport control we went to the third infiltration tunnel. Since we were not the only tour group we were shown a short movie about the DMZ.
The tunnel itself was fascinating. Located in a depth of about 70 meters it was quite exhausting to walk all the way down and up again. Nevertheless we had plenty of time and the tunnel is broad enough and also ventilated, what made it comfortable to walk through.
Afterwards we had a short stop at Dora observatory, where we were able to see one of North Koreas propaganda cities and also hear its loudspeakers whose nonstop announcements were translated for us by S.P.
At the JSA we met our military escort Walter and heard a talk about the area and its past. He also advised us how to behave and when it is allowed to take photos, etc.
After this introduction a bus took us to the Military Armistice Commission Conference Room, being the centerpiece of the tour.
Standing in front of the actual border gives you a spine-tingling feeling. But crossing the border and physically standing inside North Korea gave me an adrenaline rush.
Allthough we just had a few minutes, we could take lots of photos - also with the south Korean soldiers which were present.
Summarizing the tour I can highly recommend it to anyone who visits South Korea. I had a really great experience which is barely comparable to any other trip I made - and it was totally worth it.
Reviewed by : Anonymous, Deutsch, 2017/09/07  

Aside from several changes of vehicle in Seoul before the start of the tour, everything went well throughout the trip.
The number of participants was just right, the information given during the tour sufficient enough. I would have given it a 5 star if we were given a little more time to explore each of the sites we visited. We got back to Seoul, i thought too early.
But overall everything was great.
I will definitely recommend this tour to my friends and most likely will do it again.
Reviewed by : Anonymous, Philippines, 2017/09/07  

The tour is very very nice.
Cosmojin service looked very thoughtful and well organized.
Reviewed by : sunguard, Belgium, 2017/09/01  

It is our first visit in Korea and your dmz tour was a very special experience and I think your service was impressive. Thank you.
Reviewed by : conductor, USA, 2017/08/31  

Our tour started with a personal pick up at our hotel, the driver came right to the door which was nice because it was tucked away in the side streets and hard to find. The tour bus was large and air conditioned. The group was small enough that we did not feel lost or overwhelmed by the number of people. There could have been more information about the history of the war provided by the tour guide during the drive there. We stopped at the Jsa and were able to go inside the building and ask questions. The American soldier that guided us was very friendly. Our lunch was okay, the food wasn't amazing but it wasn't awful. We feel that the time budgeted for lunch (an hour) was too long and that if this had been shorter we would not have been as rushed when visiting places in the Dmz in the afternoon. The tour ended with a trip to an amythyst store which was not part of the itinerary and was not particularly interesting. There was no hotel drop off but the area we were dropped off in was full of shopping and restaurants which was nice, it was also at the subway. The highlights were the Jsa, freedom bridge (you neee to pay to see it all), observatory (you need money for the binoculars), the train station, and the tunnels (LOTS of walking). We were also able to buy souvenirs at many stops.
Reviewed by : Taylor, Canada, 2017/08/22  

We went on this tour in August 2017. Everything was coordinated perfectly, from the pick-up from our hotel in downtown Seoul to all the sights on this tour. I would definitely recommend to see both DMZ and JSA, as both are very interesting and make a complete tour.
Reviewed by : Patrick, Deutsch, 2017/08/22  

I did the full day DMZ and JSA tour with my dad, and found it to be a great learning experience as our host taught us many things about the Korean War and the current situation. It was split up into a theme of past, present, and future, in which each location represented a different symbol of the status between the two Koreas.

The tour started by being picked up in a private car from our hotel, and then onwards in a tour bus with our guide and presenter SP Hong. SP was amazing and he kept us entertained as we drove through Seoul, and even the bus ride there was filled with interesting conversation and sightseeing. At the DMZ, the tour is quick and hosted by the US military, but they were also friendly and engaging. The later portion of the tour was a bit tiring as it was a lot of walking and standing in the hot sun, but the tunnels and JSA were great. You're able to take plenty of pictures and get some good views on North Korea. I strongly recommend this tour package. Thank you!
Reviewed by : Damian Stachowski , USA, 2017/08/22  

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