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Reviewed by : Richard, USA, 2023/08/18
I personally liked the monuments and background of each introduced at Imjingak most, as well as the ...
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I personally liked the monuments and background of each introduced at Imjingak most, as well as the museum at the 3rd Tunnel. Dora Observatory was quite nice as well, especially being able to view the different sites talked about through the binoculars.
Reviewed by : Richard, USA, 2023/08/18  

Sehr netter Guide, erklärt die Geschichte Nordkoreas sehr gut und interessant. Macht sogar Fotos mit den Begleitern der Tour an den interessantesten Orten. Die Tour zeigt die besten Orte der DMZ. Wir waren begeistert ..
Reviewed by : Beer, Deutsch, 2023/07/28  

Our guide was great. Bus was comfortable. Wish we had more time to explore the Imingjak
(first stop) tour and could skip the Ginseng seller stop at the end. Otherwise it was only the
fog and rain that killed the views!
Reviewed by : Sahara, USA, 2023/07/14  

Retki oli odotetusti mielenkiintoinen ja opas oli mielestäni hyvä yhdistelmä rentoutta ja asiantuntemusta. Ainoa miinus tulee retken loppuun ympätystä, ennalta tiedottamattomasta ja aiheeseen kuulumattomasta "ginseng-stopista", joka muistutti "pakkomyyntiä" ja pidensi tarpeettomasti retken kestoa sen loppupäästä.
Reviewed by : Rham, -1, 2023/06/19  

Jin, the guide we had really rocks! Caring, funny and is very educational.
Reviewed by : Smith, USA, 2023/06/19  

What a great experience ! Being interested in world politics and now travelli g to 68th country, always wanted to see the progress made by South Korea and the weired news and caricature of North Korea across the border. Seeing North Korea through bare eyes as well as through Binoculars, it felt nostalgic and exciting. South Koreanhas progressed to a fairly high level and life seemed good,stylishand lovely. South Koreans are obsessed with the North although to extreme negatavisim, wanting reunification. Coming from India and similarly obseesed with Pakistan primarily due terrorism and having seen reunifixation of 2 Germans, really do wish and pray for united democratic Korea. The passage and walking through the 2nd tunnel dug by North was exciting though tough for the age.
Reviewed by : Skkhan, -1, 2023/06/18  

Had a great time on the tour and it was largely due to our tour guide Irene Kim! She is so kind, funny, and knowledgeable and made the whole tour unforgettable. She took the time to explain everything from the history of what we were viewing to where we can get souvenirs and our last bathroom stop! Had a great time and highly recommend!
Reviewed by : M130E, -1, 2023/04/28  

A great tour. Clean and safe bus. The tour guide Eva was super friendly knowledgeable and helpful.
Booking was easy online.
The DMZ tour was super interesting and put into perspective the things I have learnt previously would definitely recommend.
Just be aware of stopping at the amethyst jewelry at the end.
Reviewed by : Jamie, -1, 2023/04/28  

Me and my husband had a great time on this tour. The guide, Irene, was super kind, funny
and attentive, she made a great job. Don't forget to bring your passport and comfy shoes to
walk down the tunnel.
Reviewed by : glroria, -1, 2023/04/28  

Our tour group had a wonderful time together. The military bases were fascinating, and the
kids learned a lot about Korean culture.
Reviewed by : Ddauyun, India, 2023/04/26  

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