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[ K-Travel ] The Reason why you want to go on a DMZ tour!
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DMZ Tours
The Reason why you want to go on a DMZ tour!
Since 1950, Korea has been divided into North and South and has been in truce since the war! North Korea has become more of a closed country symbolizing poverty and South Korea is continuing to develop as a democracy, leading in economy and culture.
DMZ tour is the tour you should not miss when visiting Korea, as it is the only divided nation in the world. The DMZ tour has rapidly gained attention from many curious tourist and has intrigued many who has visited the site.
Cosmojin is offering a one-stop DMZ tour service that includes a military tourist guide, shuttle vehicle, entrance fee, and explanation on the history of war. This highly informative DMZ tour if not haunting experience is one we would highly recommend. So, if you have the guts and the desire to take a tour into one of the worlds most closed countries on earth, take your chance now....
Don't miss out on the DMZ tour, once unification happens you will not have this opportunity again.
There are not many companies that can operate the DMZ tour since it has restricted civilian access and requires a mandatory military escort. Also being operated by the United Nations, many restrictions and rules need to be abided and followed.
During the DMZ tour, you will be visiting a few main locations that are well known. For example you will take a stroll down deep into the 3rd Tunnel, look around the Dora Observatory, and see the Dorasan Station that one day will be the railroad system that can take us from Korea to Europe.
A total of 5 different places will be visited where you can experience the deep meaning of each location and the reality of what took place and its past during the DMZ tour.
No two tours are the same and if you are going to take the DMZ tour, why not choose a company that will best fit to your budget cost, provide professional and experienced licensed guides who will be able to communicate in the language you will best understand, having the best customer reviews within Korean, and a company that is able to fulfill your interest accordance to your preferences. Cosmojin Travel Agency can provide you all this and much more for your DMZ tour. 
The Difference between Cosmojin DMZ Tour and others
a) Security specialist guides: We provide professional guides for the DMZ tour, which has the knowledge and wisdom of the situation that took place during the war and its history. Our Professional licensed guides are also up to date on current news of today between South and North Korea. So, if you have questions related to the current situation in Korea, they will be able to answer with the correct and proper answer during the DMZ tour.
b) Visiting the most popular places: Cosmojin provides at least Seven different venues to visit during the DMZ/JSA tour including the Third Tunnel Experience, which was designed and created by North Koreans to invade South Korea by tanks, the Observatory where you can view the North Korean residents and see the overview of the country from a far distance, the War History Pavilion, and Imjingak.
Some of these locations are overlooked by other travel agencies but Cosmojin will show you the full effect of what the DMZ/JSA tour can bring you.
c) Comfortable transportation: Pick-up services and DMZ tour shuttle services, (4 passenger), with Travel insurance are guaranteed by our travel agency. So you will be at ease of mind when you go on tour with Cosmojin. During your DMZ tour ride to DMZ zone, our guide will be sure to inform you will all that needs to be shared and provide you with the best customer service possible. We are confident you will have the most memorable experience and enjoyable tour that when you think about Korea, you will remember Cosmojin through this special DMZ tour.
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