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[ K-Travel ] Introducing the JSA/DMZ tour (7 hour course)
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Introducing the JSA/DMZ tour (7 hour course)


If you are not in Korea! If it is not now! You will never experience the tour in the ongoing military area, JSA/DMZ tour will be the unforgettable tour.

South and North Korea military troops are standing face to face under an armistice agreement.

Visit the thrilling JSA/DMZ tour!

You can sense the extreme tension during the JSA/DMZ tour. This area is highly strict. Is not opened to anybody, even stricter for Korean. The JSA/DMZ tour begins with an hour driving from Seoul. During your short visit to Korea, you can visit JSA/DMZ tour without too much pressure!

JSA/DMZ tour is a meaningful tour that you can be in part of the sorrowful and ongoing history of Korea.


Tour Course (7 hour course)
eparture time varies in accordance with the situation on Panmoonjeon.

Hotel in Seoul -> Tong-Il Bridge -> Passport or Identification Card Inspection -> Panmoonjeon -> Freedom House -> Military Armistice Commission Conference Room -> (UN) Guard Post 3 -> Bridge of no Return-> Lunch -> Sending customers at Itaewon or Hotel

JSA/DMZ Tour Point

  • It is an alive education place you can look into the tragedy of national division and sorrow of people by the fratricidal war

  • You can only experience JSA/DMZ tour, in the only divided country of the world, South Korea

  • It becomes a thrilling experience to see North Korean army right before your eyes

  • Spine-tingling visit to ‘Bridge of no Return’ within JSA, which you cannot come back if you cross over

  • Visit to crime scene within JSA called ‘axe murder case’ which was a cruel and terrible brutality caused by North Korean army

  • Interesting visit to the 3rd Guard Post within JSA. It is the nearest location to North Korean general households.




JSA is the only place where the South and North can meet each other unarmed without a barrier or barbed-wire fence, in the area around the truce line. As well as it is a special area beyond the administrative jurisdiction of South and North Koreas States Parties.

Within JSA, Panmoonjeon is located where the South and North Koreas’ Summit and the Military Armistice Commission took place.

During the JSA/DMZ tour, you can see that South and North Korean military stand right ahead each other. Cold mood by soldiers who are working in tight security will make you feel the tight tension.

Like this the northernmost JSA of South Korea is different from any other tour places. Even it is in Korea, foreigners need to turn in their passport details once more to reserve this tour in advance, and only when a group have more than 30 people, Korean can visit this place after a background investigation.

Let’s have a special tour to JSA/DMZ tour, where not everyone can go.



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