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Winter’s Best Offering 3 ski resort in Korea!

3 best ski and snowboard resorts in Korea

Ski resorts in Korea have fine snow conditions and are equipped with the best facilities for ski enthusiasts. Along with the wonderful scenery, Korea is an excellent destination for your winter getaway. Three of the finest ski resorts are introduced here.



Phoenix Park Resort: Attractive Valley Slopes and Facilities

Phoenix Park harmonizes the resort and its surrounding landscape. The sheer variety of the valley slopes on Mt. Taegisan is the resort’s best feature. It has twelve valley slopes of international standards, from beginner to advanced. It also has a snowboard park with a half pipe, a tabletop, round quarter, and rails. The Penguin Run is wide with a gentle slope and is ideal for beginners. Advanced skiers will enjoy the Champion Course and Dizzy Course. Phoenix Park features Korea’s first Gondola and KEY Lift system. The view from the peak of Phoenix Park is outstanding.
Phoenix Park also has a variety of accommodations and other facilities. There are hotels, condos and youth hostels. Phoenix Condo has a swimming pool and other great facilities. It was the main set of the Korean drama ‘Endless Love’. You can even make a reservation for this particular room. At Phoenix Park Hotel you can see the beautiful landscape and take advantage of the modern facilities. The Villa Condo is suitable for the younger people looking for inexpensive accommodations. Other amenities include a swimming pool, massage center, karaoke, dance clubs, billiards, and bowling alleys. Furthermore Phoenix Park hosts the Snowboard Festival and White & Red Festival in January and February. The Snowboard Festival opens until January 30 and the White & Red Festival opens from February 1 to 14 (dates may change). The White & Red Festival has a Valentine’s Day Concert, Couple Snowboarding Contest and Snowboard Demon Show.




Adress : Myeonol-ri, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do
Open until the middle of March 2003.
Phone:(Seoul) 02-508-3400 (Kor/Eng) / (Gangwon-do) 033-333-6000 (Kor/Eng)
Fees: Lift 47,000 won / Ski Rental 20,000 won / Snowboard 30,000 won (one day)
Languages: Eng/Jap/Chn at information desks
Directions: Shuttle Bus from Sinchon, Jongno, Gangnam, Mokdong
Return Fare 22,000 won / 3.5 hours one-way travel time.
Call or visit the homepage for more information


Yongpyong Resort: Slopes of International Standards

Yongpyong Resort is located on Mt. Barwangsan and was the set of the popular Korean TV drama ‘Winter’. On the peak of Mt. Barwangsan, you can see the beautiful landscape of the East Sea and the surrounding mountains. You can enjoy skiing from November to March which boasts the best snow conditions in Korea. Yongpyong Resort is recognized worldwide because international events such as the World Cup of Ski and Winter Asian Games were held here. There are a total of 31 slopes with a great assortment of beginner, intermediate, and advance runs. The ‘Yellow Course’ is good for beginners because it is wide and easy. The Pink Run, Green Run, and Rainbow Paradise are good for intermediate skiers. Gold Valley and Gold Fantastic is perfect for advanced skiers because it provides many challenges for strong skiers. Rainbow Run is approved for international competition and is excellent for professional-level skiers. Yongpyong Resort has the most advanced runs in Korea.
Yongpyong Resort also has many facilities and accommodation options. The Dragon Valley Hotel and western style Tower Condo is located at the center of the resort, while the Villa Condo is the closest to the slopes. If you want an inexpensive room, Yongpyong Valley Condo is best. At night, Club ‘Sizzle’ is a great place for dancing with an excellent lighting and sound system. For a milder ambience, ‘Dragon Bar’ or ‘Four Season Bar’ is the best with jazz music in the background and an excellent view of the resort. Cafe ‘Cheoeum’ was a set for the Korean TV drama ‘Winter’ and the interior is lined with posters and photos from the show. Dragon Peak is located on the peak of Mt. Barwangsan; thus providing the best view of the resort. On Sundays, the cafe is open for patrons who want to see the majestic sunrise over the East Sea. Outside Dragon Peak, there is also a beautiful strolling path to the top of Mt. Barwangsan.



Adress : Yongsal-ri, Doam-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do
Open until the middle of March 2003.
Phone:(Seoul) 02-3404-8103 (Kor/Eng/Jap) / (Gangwon-do) 033-335-5757 (Kor/Eng/Chn)
Languages: Eng/Jap at information desks
Transportations: Shuttle Bus from Sinchon, Jongno, Gangnam, Mokdong.
Return Fare 24,000 won / 3-4 hours one-way travel time.
Visit the homepage or call for more information.






Bears Town Ski Resort : Great for Night Skiing

The Bears Town Ski Resort is 50 minutes away from Seoul so it is a place for one-day ski getaways. The Bears Town Ski Resort has eleven slopes from beginner to advanced, and eight lifts. The Challenger Run and Big Polar Run are approved internationally and provide many challenges for advanced skiers. Little Bear Run and Family Run are for beginner skiers with its gentle slope. The Bears Town Ski Resort opens earlier (6:00 a.m.) than other resorts so you can enjoy skiing at the break of dawn. It also has snow sledding from 6:30 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening for families. The Bears Town Ski Resort has hotels, condos, youth hotels, swimming pool, and leisure sports center for patrons. The 14-story Tower Condo offers a hotel type accommodation with a great view of the landscape. The Villa Condo is a European style accommodation. The Youth Hotel provides clean and inexpensive accommodation.



Adress : Sohang-ri, Naechon-myeon, Gyeonggi-do
Open until the middle of March 2003
Phone:(Seoul) 02-594-8188 (Kor/Eng) / (Gangwon-do) 031-540-5000 (Kor/Eng)
Fees: Lift 42,000 won / Ski Rental 24,000 won / Snowboard 35,000 won (one day)
Languages: English at information desks
Directions: Shuttle Bus from Bundang, Jamsil, Gangnam, Ilsan, Jongno, Gangnam, Mokdong
Make reservation at the homepage or call. 50-minute bus ride.



1. Rental Shops nearby the resorts are 20-30% cheaper than at the resort.
2. Use the shuttle bus. Only 20,000-30,000 won is needed for return fare. It is FREE to Bears Town Resort. CallEarly Skiing and Night Skiing is 30-40% cheaper.
3. Try skiing early in the morning or at night. Bears Town Ski Resort opens at 6:00 a.m. or visit the homepage for more informatio

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