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Best 5 things to see/enjoy at Everland

There are many things to see and enjoy at Everland during all 4 seasons.


Great things to check out


The Romantic Tree path- Why not take some memorable pictures on this romantic path filled with intricate colorful unique trees. Romance in the sky- Within the romantic garden listen to Cupid’s love story. You can also experience the fantastic firework show.
Moonlight Photo party- why not try and take some pictures with the fairies under the fantastic moonlight during the parade. Romantic Tower Tree- Why not create a special moment with a loved one under the enormous 26M Christmas tree.
Music lighting show at the Rose castle- come visit the winter place’s romantic garden that are covered with various colorful lights and sweet melodies.  



Various things to enjoy


Snow Buster- During the winter season you can enjoy riding for free the Everland sledding slope.

The cost for the free sledding is included in the entrance fee and Eiger, the longest 200m length sledding slope with 3 other slopes are very popular among the people.

Lost Valley- adventure safari allowing you to enjoy a guide through the safari on a vehicle that can travel on water and land.

This location you can enjoy the pure natural scenery of Mother Nature as you visit and see over 150 different types of animals.

T-express- Considered as one of the world’s best wooden roller coaster that has a fast and furious drop of 104km, which is loved by many and is called a thrill mania ride. The drop is a thrilling 77 degree angle and you can feel the excitement of the ride.

Rolling X-train- like a twisted donut or a cork screw this 380 degree electric double looped ride goes through 2 revolutions. If you consider yourself a master of rides, then you cannot miss out on this amazing revolutionary ride at Everland…. (Dare you to try and see the sites of Everland through this ride)

Hurricane- Why not try and let yourself go on this fierce 19m height hurricane ride.

Once you ride this twisted, up and down, going around hurricane ride, you can’t help but to feel wobbly on the flat ground. Try and stay still after this ride! 






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