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Seoul in Fall, Healing Tour

Recommended Course for an October trip
Seoul in Fall, Healing Tour
A trip to taste the flavor of fall in Seoul
Enjoying the atmosphere of fall fully within Seoul

Because of the beauty of the colorful roads, fall season is the most beautiful time in Seoul. If you visit Korea during this time, don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the Hangjusanseong Fortress Nuri-gil course with the peaceful beauty of Hangang River, and also the Silver Grass Festival at Ha-neul Park that is full of Eulalie blossoms.

Overall Course: 10:00am Hanjusansung Nuri-gil rambling (Palgakjung Pavilion Observatory, Jinggangjung Pavilion, Choongeuijung Pavilion, Daechupmoon Gate, City Administration training institute) -> 12:30 Lunch (Hyangju-Boiled Duck with Rice) -> 14:00 Enjoying Ha-neul Park Silver Grass Festival -> 16:00 Sightseeing around Bookchon Hanok Village-> 17:00 Dinner (Chungsoojung-Mussels cooked rice)



1. Hanjusansung Fortress – Strolling thru Nuri Gil Healing
Operation Time: 09:00-18:00
Closed: Every Monday
Entrance Fee: 1,000 won
Course detail: The entrance of Hanjusansung Fortress Nuri Gil -> Palgakj Guard Post Observatory, Jinggangjung Pavilion -> Choongeuijung Pavilion -> Daechupmoon Gate -> City Administration training institute
Total Travel: 3.7 km, Estimated Time: around one and a half hours


Hanjusansung Nuri-gil is a spotlighted area for foreign tourists in spending time to heal because you can walk along the beautiful Hangang River. If you walk on Nuri-gil in October, you can enjoy the beauty of natural color from the foliage trees and gingko trees.
When you take a walk along the road, you are reminded of the proud history, which conveys the victory of those women who used their skirt to carry stones for the war against 30,000 Japanese soldiers.


Hot spot
Palgak Guard Post Observatory
This place was a guard post for soldiers from the North Korean guerilla. Originally this place was a civilian controlled path, but the city removed the barbed-wire fence and changed it into an observatory so people could enjoy the beautiful scenery. This place is well-lighted and has a great view of the Hangang River, it is beloved by visitors..

Must try
The Great Victory Memorial Hall
Actual weapons that soldiers used during the Hangju Battle are displayed for example, a royal palace, wagons, narrow guns, bows, and many more. Also wax figures of commanders and privates wearing their costumes are displayed allowing you to imagine the situation during that time..




Fun & Exciting
The legendary story of ‘an elderly lady at Hangjusansung Fortress’
During the Japanese Invasion of Korea, the battle of Byeokjegwan, an elderly lady used rice straws and straw ropes as food covers, confusing the Japanese soldiers in thinking those were covers holding their food. When opening the covers they come to find out there was nothing underneath this tactic was used to lower the morale and depress the soldiers, which were stationed on the Nojeokbong Peak of Bookhansan Mountain. She had also put quicklime in the water of the small stream, causing the soldiers to think the water was milky due to rice being washed in the water. After the soldiers had drank the water it caused much stomach pain. Her greatest achievement was when she gathered other women from the town to help carry stones using their aprons for the soldiers. Knowing this story and then walking along the fortress make you really think how much effort was put into protecting this location.



2. Lunch- “Hyangjoo” Resturant/ High quality healthy food
Address: Kyunggi-do Goyang-si Dukyang-gu Hangjoowhe-dong 54-5
Inquiries: 031-970-1066
This 50 years of traditional Health food specialty restaurant is also claimed to be a healing multi-cultural facility.
The interior of the restaurant provides a natural atmosphere outlook, which is connected to the
This restaurant provides a variety of dishes from grilled eel, duck stew, chicken stew, and other various dishes. The chiefs are those who worked at top hotels and are consistent in using only the best ingrediants and cook in a stick tight run kitchen. This place is defiantly loved by many foreigners.
Recommended Menu: Grilled Eel (45,000 won per 1 eel), Herb duck stew (60,000 won per 1 duck)



3. Sky Park – Enjoying the taste of autumn at the Silver Grass Festival
Viewing time: From sunrise – 20:30

Sky Park is an artificial land develop from the polluted Nanjido Trash Landfill to restore the natural ecosystem, which commemorated the 2002 World Cup. This extreme change is one of the greatest development, which is known as ‘a miracle of Hanggang River’ that represents Seoul.
The fully bloomed Silver Grass is filling the 48 acre-wide barren field and when the wind blows, the swaying of the grass makes a magnificent scenery as if the ground is moving. Because of the scenery a festival was created. Let’s spend a relaxing time tasting the Korean autumn on a vast silver grass field.
Hot spot
A bowl to hold heaven
In the middle of Sky Park, there is a tall observatory made out of iron. The observatory displays only the iron frame to minimize the damage to the natural environment.
Instead of building walls for the observatory, six rattan trees were planted and the vines grew covering the iron poles giving it more of a natural appearance.



Must try
Making a wish at the silver grass festival
Write down your wish on the prepared Korean traditional paper, Han-ji and wedge the paper between the edges of the rocks of hope.  If the paper was to blown to the wind, then there is a saying, the answer of your wish will be blown to you.

Fun & Exciting
Naturalized Botanic Garden
The Sky Park is an artificial land develop from the polluted Trash Landfill to restore the natural ecosystem, which consists of various types of naturally grown plants. Seeds from all around the world were blown into the natural environment and the amazing thing is plants were being produced and surviving in such harsh circumstance.



4. Bookchon Hanok Village – the Bookchon Hanok village filled with the scent of autumn.
The most peaceful moment of Bookcheon is felt during the autumn. The beautiful scenery of the trumpet creeper flowers and the branches of the persimmon tree will leave you in awe and stop you in your tracks.
There are so many things to see while walking down the sidewalk, some claims it to be like a museum. Bookchon Hanok Village is creating a new history that provides a modern scenery and with a scent of harmony and mystery. This is the fascinating and key point of the tour.
Come see, visit, and experience the beauty of Bookchon in every corner on a fine autumn day.

Hot spot
North Town District 1
The best location to see the overview of Changdeok palace is over the stone wall.
Let’s experience the most beautiful and glamorous scenery of Changdoeuk palace during autumn at the North Town District 1.



Must try
Atti Rickshaw
The mentality of Korea is usually in the ‘hurry, hurry’ mode but in Bookchon they enjoy the slow pace of life. The professional rickshaw runners are always on stand-by and during the ride you are able to see every detail of Bookchon. There are some rickshaw runners that are able to provide you a tour in English, if you reserve a rickshaw runner there is more of change you will enjoy your trip.



Fun & Exciting
Bookchon Life History Museum ‘Old Fragrance’
A museum that consist of Korean modern daily supplies. Due to the growth of modernized supplies, the tacky and shabby supplies are all disappearing. Yet 8,000 of the best choice household supplies are displayed in the exhibition room, which looks like a household room. Everything that is displayed in this room you are able to have hands on experience.



5. Dinner ‘Chungsoojung’

Address: 88-23 Samchung-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul City
Contact: 02-738-8288


Chungsoojung restaurant was created to fit the Hanok Village style. You are able to taste and experience the traditional taste of Korea.
The most popular dish on the menu is the Korean Style Dish, which is made of mussels cooked with rice. There are about 19 different types of side-dishes and they fit well with the mussels and rice. Since there are 19 different side-dishes, you can become overwhelmed feeling like your table might cave in. This mussel rice dish, which consists of fresh mussels, soy sauce, and sesame oil has been patented because of it has great taste and how popular it was.
Come out and try this Korean traditional style dish if you want to experience the great taste and generosity of Korean people!
Recommended menu: Mussel rice dish (18000 per person, two people per order), Mussel Bibimbop (12,000won)

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