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Reviewed by : M130E, -1, 2023/04/28
Had a great time on the tour and it was largely due to our tour guide Irene Kim! She is so kind, fun...
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DMZ + Panmunjeom Combined Tour   
The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and the abandoned Panmunjeom village are a must See!!
The tour guide was awesome, very knowledgeable and interesting. He loves his job. I had a great time...
Reviewed by : angelmylife, USA, 2019/12/06
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Buffering hostilities from the north and south, the heavily guarded premises of Panmunjeom are located in the middle of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and remain reserved strictly for political engagements. Providing the only road connecting the two countries, it is here where the historical signing of the Armistice Agreement took place between Communist forces and the United Nations Command (UNC) in 1953 after a succession of peace talks that lasted more than two years. However, although the event signaled an end to the Korean War, tensions resurfaced once again in 1976 when North Korean guards killed two American soldiers a short distance away, during the famous ‘Tree Killing Event’.

Although the premises remain a huge tourist attraction, pressure continues to swell and the de facto zone remains a virtual hot bed of unpredictability. Visitors are cautioned to follow strict protocol as not to upset northern officials. Yet such awareness seems to have very little effect in detracting tourists from witnessing such cultural differences up close. In fact, at the time of this writer’s journey, I was informed that bookings needed to be made far in advance as seats filled up extremely fast. Indeed, Panmunjeom was arguably the most eagerly awaited highlight of the journey. But although it remains a huge draw card to the tour itself, several other stops along the way proved equally rewarding.
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