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Compare features of the Korea Ski Resort BEST 6

There are so many people who are enjoying winter sports in Korea, so there are dozens of ski resort.

Yong Pyeong Resort, Konjiam Resort, Bokwang Phoenix Park, Daemyung Vivaldi Park, Muju Ski Resort, Yangji Pine Resort and other places.



These ski resorts have their own features, so you can analyze the pros and cons of each ski resorts and go to a suitable ski resort.

‘Most of all, distance is important!’

Ski resort that are near the capital area which are located one hour or less from Seoul.


Jisan Forest Resort:


It is really close to Seoul, a lot of people are visiting during the evening on weekdays, on weekends at all hours. But, the slopes are a little shorter and there are too many people waiting in long lines for the lift.

Konjiam resort:


The closest ski resort from Seoul

You have to make a reservation to ski at this resort so only a limited people are permitted to enter the resort allowing the waiting time for the lift to be very short and you are able to enjoy a relaxing quit skiing experience without the crowd.

On the other hand you will have to deal with the complication of booking a reservation and the price is very expensive.




The best quality of snow~ various types of slopes~ I am a ski mania! ~

Large ski resorts receiving much love and interest by skiers and boarders


Daemyung Vivaldi Park:


Every year there are snowboard competitions, a training facility for pro snowboarders, and a place where they are receiving much love from boarders. (Long and wide slopes)

Due to having a water park facility provided, you are able to enjoy skiing and going to a water park, this is one of the pros for this resort. But, due to it being too crowded this is one of its cons.

Yongpyeong resort:


This resort is receiving much love and interest by the skiers. (Slopes are very narrow and long)

In Korea this resort is known for providing the best quality of snow, also within the ski resorts of Korea it has the longest ski slope which is about 6km long, known as “the Rainbow paradise”.

Unfortunately one of the cons for this resort would be having overcrowded and complicated facilities.




“I am a beginner who wants to learn to ski in a relaxing and quit atmosphere!”


Pyeongchang alpensia resort:


In 2018, the winter Olympic will be held at this location which will make it into a historical location.

The International Ski federation had approved the advance ski courses and they also provide many general slopes for beginners.

But, some of the cons would be the resort being too far from the capital area, and the slopes are too short.

Yangji pine resort:


Out of the 10 slopes 7 slopes has express lifts to ride up so, the waiting lines are very short. So the cons of this resort would be skiers and boarders are able to ride the slopes as much as they wish.

Also, this resort in Gyeongi-do provides the only slope that is used for competitions, which is called Challenge slope. The cons of this resort would be it be having short slopes and there are lack of facilities.


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