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Code of conducts to be kept by skiers and boarders at the ski resort!!!

**skiers and boarder's code of conduct**


1. First/allow the skiers and boarders who knows how to tide well to go first.

2. When going out to ski/board or when you are stopping make sure to check your surroundings.

3. Be considerate not to be an interference to other skiers and boarders.

4. When you have to rest, have to go back up the mountain, (only when you have to return back up the mountain/ pls try to avoid going back up if possible) or having to walk down the mountain, pls make sure to be considerate of the riders since you will be taking up an area when walking with your board.

5. When seeing the snow ski patrol or the traffic control vehicles working or coming by, pls give them priority, slow down to the aisle, and move out of the way to the far end side of the slope.

6. Before riding down the mountain with your ski/board,  make sure you check your surroundings and ride down safely in the area that looks the safest. It's best to map out the course first before you go out to ride.

7. It is dangerous to leave your ski or board down in the middle of the mountain pls put them where there is the least amount of riding or to the far end of the mountain.





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