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[ K-Travel ] symbolic meaning of a return to freedom in DMZ tour course | allseoultours
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DMZ tour >
Seoul is the capital and largest city in South Korea. Its population is about 9.97million people and land area is about 605 square kilometers. Seoul has been the capital of many kingdoms on the Korean Peninsula. So you can find a lot of historical sites such as palaces, tombs and so on, especially many cultural heritages are gathered with Seoul as its center. Today, Seoul is full of modern facilities like shopping malls, grand and splendid buildings and apartments. So Seoul is considered as the city where the past and present coexist.
And the infrastructure of Seoul is very outstanding. Especially, entire of public transportation system is well organized, so you can always check estimated time of arrival and you can use your time efficiently.
The most impressive thing is 24-hour city. You can easily find shops operating for 24 hours such as bar, coffee shop, sauna, shopping mall, and so on. So whatever you want at any time of day or night, you can enjoy that.
So I think staying in Seoul will be much more convenient than any other city.
We are approaching Imjingak (first place in DMZ tour) and I will give 20 min for restroom and looking around Imjingak.
Imjingak(first place in DMZ tour) is a park located on the bank of the Imjin River. It is 7km from MDL. It was built in 1972 to give consolation to people who suffered the pain of separation caused by the war. It has many statues and monuments regarding Korean War.
* 망배단 is a memorial alter where Koreans separated from their families in the North visit to perform ancestral rites by bowing toward their hometowns every New Year's Day and Korean Thanksgiving. So it is comforting South Korean who cannot meet their families in North Korea. I think this will be meaningful and moving place in DMZ tour course.
* The Freedom Bridge is the only bridge crossing the Imjin River and the only one bridge connected between South and North Korea. After being destroyed by Korean War some part of the road bridge was reconstructed. And after the armistice agreement, 12,773 prisoners of war returned to the South Korea, the land of freedom. So the bridge has the symbolic meaning of a return to freedom in DMZ tour course.
Those ribbons have wishes for unification of people.
* It is the real train which was used in Korean War. You can see those bullet marks on train.
* Imjin river flows from North to South, crossing the DMZ and it joins the Han Rive of Seoul. So it caused a lot of troubles. Especially, in 2009, North Korea has opened floodgates on 황강댐 without warning South Korea. So 6 people who were fishing around the river in South Korea died. If we were in good relationship at the moment, they would give warning so that the river area can be evacuated.
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