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[ K-Travel ] Welcome and thank you for joining ‘DMZ Tour’
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Thank you for joining our DMZ tour in Korea!
Around the world, Korea is currently “the” one and only divided country that exists up to present day;
particularly, it contains a very unique region called DMZ.  DMZ tour would be a great way to understand the reality of Korea.
DMZ tour schedules are as follows.
DMZ tour mandates guidance through our official DMZ tour guide, therefore we ask you to please follow his or her instructions throughout your whole DMZ tour.
We hope that your visit in Korea could be very well remembered through DMZ tour!
Out of many interesting sites to visit during the DMZ tour routes,
I'd say the main highlight of DMZ tour is when you are actually walking through the historical
3rd tunnel that the North Koreans digged up and was using to invade South Korea!
Welcome and thank you for joining DMZ Tour. Today we will visit DMZ tour in Korea where it is one of the most tensed places in the world. So please follow my guide during the trip. Please fasten your seat belt for your safety.
It will take about one hour to our destination. So I will give you todays schedule briefly. We will spend about 2 hours at DMZ tour with 3 major areas. 3rd infiltration tunnel and exhibition hall, Dora Observatory and Dora railway station. And after that we will stop by Amethyst center and drop off at Itaewon.
And before passing by DMZ tour in Korea, there will be ID check by soldiers.
The reason of Korea division traces back to 1945 when south Korea was liberated from Japan.
As Japan surrendered during the Second World War, south Korea which has been under the occupation of Japan could take back the sovereignty. At the moment, the Soviet Union was on the alert for an opportunity to occupy Korean Peninsula. So they advanced south. So US army felt threatened made 38th parallel with the consent of the Soviet Union. Afterwards, Soviet troops occupied the area north of the 38th parallel, and US troops occupied the south.
The Conference of Foreign Ministers was held in Moscow for determining of trusteeship implementation. However, due to the conflict for political ideology of the countries, it was failed and this led to the establishment of two separate governments in 1948.
In 1950, 김일성 tried to reunify Korea under communist rule. So North Korea invaded South Korea which turned into Korean War for 3 years. So it ended up back where they started, divided along the 38th parallel. Finally, Korean Peninsula has remained as 2 states.
With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Korea is the only divided country in the world. After 3 years Korean War, the armistice agreement was signed in 1953 that created MDL and DMZ tour in Korea.
MDL is the Military Demarcation Line set by the agreement and DMZ tour is an abbreviation of Demilitarized zone which is prohibited area of the armed military. So each 2km zone away from the Military Demarcation Line was designated with DMZ tour for protecting military collision. (For your reference, DMZ is about 250km long and 4km wide.)
DMZ has been banned of public access for over 60 years. Since that, wild life and ecosystem in DMZ are preserved well. Those natural resources were developed into the new travel product, PLZ which means Peace Life Zone.
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