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[ K-Travel ] Jeju island tour in korea summer
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"Jeju Island tourism Jeju city half day tour" experience report

Jeju Island is located in South Korea of the South, the charm Unlike urban, such as vibrant Seoul and Busan, it has a mysterious charm a lot of airy. Beautiful nature as a resort that boasts, I, such as that it is said that "Koreans paradise that wanted to secret". But even if you want to go, you might worrying about Korean and how to move around. Do not worry any more there is 4 hours mini tours that can make you love Jeju. This time, Ko nesuto press Y tired to hectic life of Seoul is seeking a beautiful nature of Jeju Island, and has been participating in the "Jeju Island tourism Jeju city half day" tour morning course!

Sanseiana (Samusonhyoru) At 9:00, we left the hotel. First, headed to famous Sanseiana as a tourist spot of Jeju city. Here is a sacred place where Mikami who pioneered the country of Tamra is Jeju Island Roots, it has been the first to appear. The premises, including the three last holes this Mikami person has appeared, you can see the anime of relics and Sanseiana of myths related to the front of Jeju myth more than 4000 years. In the entrance, a Jeju Island guardian angel "torr Hull van" is welcoming us.

In Jeju Island Folklore and Natural History Museum Next is, in Jeju Island Folklore and Natural History Museum, which is registered as a World Natural Heritage Site. Here, Jeju Island unique life equipment and living doll that reproduces the landscape, have been exhibited and Jeju Island specialties, natural history exhibition, folk exhibition, it has been divided into three rock exhibition. There are many stone made of lava from the old days in Jeju Island, and likely made of buildings and roof, ground, such as Jeju of natural stone of this museum.

East Gate (Tonmun) market Then we went to the East Gate (Tonmun) market. The famous East Gate market as the kitchen of Jeju city of common people, equipped with numerous grocery. Fresh vegetables and fruit, side dishes. Mandarin orange famous Jeju Island. Also in East Gate market, the simulated fresh fresh oranges had lined up a lot.
Crown rock (Yondo~uamu) Followed by the visited the Jeju city of stout towering scenic point crown rocks of the coast. With that lava of about 200 years ago in Halla (Harurasan) it was can try jet, likely this name was attached from the fact that it appears to figure the shape creeps up from the sea dragon is reared its head.

Tokkebi road The last time toward the Tokkebi road is about 200 ~ 300m (mystery of the road). This place, which means ghost road, looks Even though uphill, when you or parked the car or put a plastic bottle, that is slowly going up!
After you enjoy nature of Jeju Island, tour to eat lunch-Ishi-sho bibimbap is terminated at 13:00! While eating a delicious rice, please bloom fun story of Jeju tourism.

Healing of the tour can discover the charm of Jeju Island
This tour, Japanese is fluent gide is driving you around, so you explain the course Funny funny carefully, you can not efficiently Jeju Island tourist nothing to worry about. While you are also healed the beautiful scenery of Jeju Island, but please feel plenty the charm of Jeju.

※ order of course, there are times when it is modified.
※ Reservation are available upon only from customers of Jeju city accommodation.
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