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[ K-Travel ] DMZ (demilitarized zone) tour korea
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DMZ (demilitarized zone)

The  "border" of South Korea and North Korea
 Between South Korea and North Korea, in fact, it is not at the border. There some of the military demarcation line. Broke out the Korean War in 1950 since '60 have passed it signed a cease-fire agreement in 1953, still the two countries is of such remains truce. This is said to be the longest truce in the history of the world. October 1978 at the DMZ this is a symbol of North-South divide, a tunnel was discovered. This tunnel is said to tunnel that was dug in order to penetrate into North Korea, it is called Nanshin third tunnel.

There are such attractions.

Third tunnel Third tunnel is a tunnel that had been dug in secret for the North Korean invasion. The third tunnel is that South Korea has been discovered by the testimony of North Korean defectors. The more even the armed forces 30,000 people within one hour can pass through the scale. Currently, the third tunnel is open to the public foreign tourists as a tour, in the in the tunnel will continue down to the inside and boarded the truck.

Dorasan Station and Dora Observatory  In Dorasan Station Korea northernmost station Korea managed, the next station of the North Korean Kaesong station. However, rather than South Korea last station here, it is positioned as the first station leading to the north, the future connection with the railway is China and the Trans-Siberian Railway of South Korea. You can also be seen in the state of North Korea directly from the observatory own eyes. You can take the picture but you should be careful not to cross over the yellow line.

[Cheorwon district]

Hantan tourism office  Location to the procedure for the tourism in the vicinity of the second tunnel. Military aircraft and tanks are on display a lot in front office.

The second tunnel  It is a huge tunnel of about tanks can also pass. But because there is a possibility of injury and hit his head, and wearing a helmet, to enter the inside of the tunnel. This tunnel Korea army discovered March 19, 1975, soldiers 8 people died, which then was going to check work in the tunnel. Here it is built a memorial to mourn the missing soldier.

Tsukii Sato-eki And originally Cheorwon station, the current North Korea Keitani had a simple station between the station, Tsukiisato station. But now by the North-South divide has become a terminus of Korea northernmost in the southern limit line of the demilitarized zone.

Cheorwon Peace observatory  On the first floor of the observation deck it is possible to see the video to convey the devastation of the Korean War, such as the second tunnel and the military barracks of the model are on display. From the observation deck on the second floor it is possible to look at the North Korea, you can also overlook Cheorwon plains in South Korea.
Former Labour Party building  Here it is located on the north side of the 38th parallel, this building until before the Korean War had been used as a North Korean Labor Party building. Currently, the building is registered in the modern cultural heritage has been preserved.

In demilitarized zone, there are several villages. This villages people do not have to pay the tax. However when you want to shop, you should do it on moring, and after 12 O’clock the light’s are gone out. Demilitarized zone is stored plants and animals in order to reverse the people hardly fall, has become even though ironically "peaceful paradise for flora and fauna." The unified Akatsuki you want to keep this area as a natural park, it seems there is also such a story. Also I hope the day when the early nature park one day.
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