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[ K-Travel ] Nami island tour spot
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Metasequoia road

Metasequoia road appears frequently in the drama including the opening scene. Fresh verdure of spring, brightness of summer, deep colored autumn foliage, and naked branches covered with white snow. Vividness of four distinct seasons of Metasequoia road fascinates the tourists which now became the token of the island. In addition, the tree Metasequoia was imported from Canada which is very rare in Korea. Thus lots of commercial films were taken in the road.
The bench treasures the reminiscence of their first kiss, Jun-sang and Yu-Jin. Photo zone is prepared for tourists who reenacted the snowman that those two people built on the table. It is said that among those two the the left table was actually used in the film. There you can find the signature of the director Yun Seokho. Don’t miss this out!

Drama cafe " House of Sonata"

The cafe, which has been used as a resting place for the performers and staff in "Sonata of winter"
 The photos and signatures of the performer in the store attract people's attention. This shop provides snacks such as old-fashioned lunch box with fried egg and kimchi which is perfect for visitors. In addition, there is a small room as a photo exhibition for "Love House" next to the tea room.

"Sonata of Winter " sign and message board

 There is a sign of "Winter of Sonata" in the corner of the square. The message boards written by fans who visited Nami Island is also there. Performers and staff sat by the fire and thawed out in front of there while filming.

Status of Jun - sang and Yujin
Logs which is used in drama ※ It is not used in the actual shooting.
Two-seater bicycle that was used in the scene of dating  

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