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[ K-Travel ] Changdeokgung Palace Seoul
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 Changdeokgung palace tour seoul

Palaces to tell lasted Korea dynasty fromthe late 14th century until the 20th century to the present. Excellent state ofpreservation is the Changdeokgung, which attracts peoplein harmony with the natural beauty and architecture (Chan dock down). It hasbeen selected as the only UNESCO world cultural heritage in the Great palacesKorea among the best five palaces, 43,000 square meters site boasts a breadthof rich attractions. It is recommended to those who want to stroll slowly toforget the hustle and bustle of the city.

Changdeokgung, the UNESCO world heritage,was constructed as a detached palace in 1405. It was destroyed by JapaneseInvasion of Korea in 1592 and reconstructed in 1615. This let us know style,beauty, idea of Korea dynasty because this was selected as main palace for 270,which Korea kings had lived best long time. The efficient structure for work, theenough space to flatter around landscape in contrast with GyeongBokgung, aboveall Biwon, Korea traditional garden, is quintessence with naturally gorgeouslandscape. In this reason and existence of unique data, Changdeukgung isregistered as the UNESCO world heritage.

Donhwamun, main gate of ChangdeokgungPalace, is the oldest of the main gate of the existing in Seoul palace. It wasbuilt in 1412 and rebuilt in 1609. There was a bell and drum to inform the timeon this second floor in The Chosun era. But, it does not remain now. GeunCheonRiver Bridge located on the right-hand side of enter the gate was built in 1411and is the oldest stone bridge that remains in Seoul. Stone showing shape ofanimals has been carved.

Passing thegate, you will see InJeonjeon, the main hall of Changdeokgung Palace. It hasbeen designated as a national treasure No. 225. This place hold on importantevents such as the king coronation ceremony, assembly and entertain for foreignenvoys, and the vassals lined up their positions corresponding to the rank infront of the plaza. The building is a single layer structure with high ceilings.In addition, place the throne (seat of the king)is in the center decorated with"Sun Moon Wufeng view (Iroruobondo)" and you can see such aschandelier, which was introduced in the 1900s and later.

That is consisted of the general government office of high officers thathad a role to support king, Kyujanggak which managed paintings and data,Seowonjeon which managed portraits of kings. To the west next to the site,there is the 750 years old giant juniper, a natural monument.
< SonJeongjeon map blue 5> InSonJeongjeon, constructed in 1804, the king hold a contest to test Confucianscholars and royal palace scholar and government officer who supported state. Thispalace is only one of these which has blue tiled roof.

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