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[ K-Travel ] Introducing the DMZ tour (4 hour course)
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Introducing the DMZ tour (4 hour course)
The only divided country in the world ‘South and North Korea,’ have a thrilling and fascinating DMZ tour within the front line area. Let’s feel the thrill at the front line of the only divided country in the world. It seems dangerous but in actuality it is the safest place in the world. Let’s have an interesting DMZ tour.
The DMZ is located about an hour away by driving! During your short visit to Korea, you can visit DMZ through a half day tour without too much pressure through our DMZ tour.
Let’s have a meaningful tour and dive into the middle of the sorrowful and ongoing history of Korea.
DMZ Tour Course (4 hours)
Hotels in Seoul → Imjingak Pavilion → Tong-Il Bridge → Passport or identification Card Inspection → DMZ Theater or Exhibition Hall → The 3rd Tunnel → Dora Mountain Observatory
→ Dora mountain Station → Stop over Tong-Il town along the way → Back to Seoul.
DMZ Tour Point
You can’t experience this anywhere else except in Korea. Have a beneficial time at the tour location in the ongoing military area.
A Meaningful visit to the terminal station of South Korea where you will see the gateway connection from the United Korea to Europe.
Thrilling walking experience in the minatory infiltration tunnel made by North Korea in the purpose to invade South Korea, which can hold up to 500 people per minute and even a tank can be transported in this tunnel.
A Historical DMZ tour where it all connects the past, present, and the future of Korea
DMZ signifies the Demilitarized Zone, which is an area of 21.2 million square meter (equivalent for 200 million square feet) consist of two-kilometer areas divided from each side which are the South and North national borders.
Between the DMZ, from each sectors of South and North Koreas, around a million armed soldiers are on alert all the time.
DMZ is a fully restricted area and has been for the past 40 years, it is well reserved and is a calm and peaceful place. It seems dangerous but it is the safest area. It is the one and only DMZ of its kind in the world. Don’t hesitate to take a DMZ tour.
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