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The place where foreign tourists rate the highest, the secure tourist attraction, DMZ

The only place to have such conditions, the DMZ will be the starting point of the unification between the two Koreas. It is also rated as the safest park in the world, and approximately, 6,000,000 tourists from Korea or overseas visit. 
Especially in 2014, when President Obama went to Korea in order to attend the Nuclear Security Summit, the first thing he did was visit the DMZ. And famous Youtubers like Steve Chen or Hollywood stars showed their visit to the DMZ. Such visits from these VVIPs are gathering the attention from the people of the world, and they are making inquiries trying to visit the DMZ themselves.
The DMZ touches two regions of Korea, Gyeong-Gi-Do and Gang-Won-do, however, most tourists visit the Gyeong-Gi-Do counter-part, as it is more interactive than the latter. And so, the Korean National Tourism Organization and Gyeong-Gi-Do created ‘Camp Grieves, DMZ Experience Tour,’ in order to bring realism to them by making them setup camp and sleep there. They also held the opening ceremony to the International Documentary Festival. And so, through these diverse events, they are increasing the amount of experience that you will have for your visit. 
On the other hand, after the Cold War of the composition, the occasion of the 2005 World Peace Festival is the after image which was at Imjingak. The Imjingak peace Park has large lawn stretching Hills and are called as the hills of the wind, the hills of music, and there are a variety of Water Cafes' and facilities with performances, exhibitions, cultural events and movies. It has become and still in progress as a popular location among many tourists and became a complex cultural space, a weekend outing place.





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