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[ K-Travel ] Namiseom Island ] Beautiful Island Rich In Natural Resources
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Beautiful Island Rich In Natural Resources

NamiseomIsland is an semicircular island floating in the middle of Bukhan river, Chuncheon-si,Gangwon-do Province, about 50km northeast of Seoul. Encompassing a land area of140 thousand pyeong through dam construction, this island has four distinctseasons. Namiseom Island has been considered as the best holiday place forKoreans, since the island is well equipped with restaurants, hotels, artgalleries and camp facilities, and rich in natural resources. Namiseom Islandhas been counted among the most popular holiday place in the whole suburbs ofSeoul, with more than 1.5million visitors a year, after being famous amongforeigners as the filming location of the drama ‘Winter Sonata’  which raised a huge Korean wave.

Though it islocated in the suburb of Seoul, it takes around 2 hours one way by bus or trainfrom Seoul to Namiseom Island. Since it includes Chuncheon city tour which becamethe backdrop of the drama, it is recommended to use departure and arrival tourof Seoul. Besides if you are traveling independently, nonstoptour buses available in Tapgol Park of Insa-dong and Lotte Mart Jamsil branch. Alsoin the case of train, take Gyeongchun line in Sangbong station and get off in Gapyeongstation, then use taxi to the Namiseom Island dock.
Purchase admissiontickets (round trip fare is included) and go aboard a passenger ship when youarrive at the dock. You may find stands, convenient stores, restaurants neardock. It requires 7 minutes to the island. Though it’s a brief moment, you cannotmiss picturesque view you can only enjoy while on board.

Arrival In Nami Republic!

In fact, NamiseomIsland has been run under the concept of independent nation, ‘Namiseom Republic’since March 1st 2006. In regards to its independence, there exists adeclaration of independence. Ticket office is named as ‘Immigration Office’,and even traveler’s information center is marked as ‘the nami touristadministration’. Moreover passports are being issued which allows you freeaccess to the island all year around.  Besure to bring the tourist information pamphlet provided by TouristAdministration. The pamphlet that offers information about tourist attractionsincluding the filming location of the drama is now freely available in Japaneseversion too.
Furthermore,there remains the tomb of the general Lee of early Chosun Dynasty near deckwhom became the derivation of the name of the island. He was branded as atraitor and tragically executed in the early age of 27 though he wasoutstanding at valor. There are several tombs entangled with the story of generalall around Korea, and it’s one of them.
When it comesto tourist attractions, the drama ‘Winter Sonata’ is  the key point to be in. Let’s see what else drawsthe attention of the tourists focusing on the drama filming  site.

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