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[ K-Travel ] What you can find during the DMZ tour!
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During the DMZ tour we are going to visit the Dora Observatory, located at the top of Mountain Dora near DMZ, has one of the best views of North Korea as viewed from the south. From here you can look into the North Korean village of Gijeong-Dong over DMZ which is propaganda village, Gyesung Industrial Complex and part of Gyesung city and statue of North Korean founder Kim-Ilsung, and so on.
There are dozens of binoculars so you can have a chance to watch the North Korea closely over DMZ.
During the DMZ tour, you can see the red flag. It is showing their pride. Actually we had serious competition between 2 countries because of the flags. One day, we put up the flag which is almost 100m from the ground in Daejung-dong village. That was the highest flag in South Korea. After seeing the flag, North Korea raised up the 160m flag. Now North Korea has the tallest fag in the world.
* Gijeong-dong was built in the 1950 to show South Koreans that the citizens in the north are living a life of luxury and prosperity. However, upon closer inspection, the South Korean government has found that the buildings are just concrete shells, and the windows do not even have glass over them. So we often call the village as the Propaganda Village.
During the DMZ tour, we will also visit Dorasan station is one of the station of Kyungeu train Line connecting Seoul to Sinuijoo. In 2000, South Korea and North Korea held an inter-Korean summit where the two sides agreed to restore the Gyeongui train Line. And it was built in 2002. In the same year, former president Kim-Daejoong and George Walker Bush have visited Dorasan station and signed railway ties.
The train operated once a week between South and North in 2007. But it was discontinued because of tension between 2 countries. So now, it operates only from Seoul station to Dorasan station. More detailed story will be told on the DMZ tour
You can see wire fence along the Han River during DMZ tour. And guard posts placed along the fence. Do you know why? Han River links up with the Imjin River that flows from North Korea. So it is to reinforce national defense against North Korea. Sometimes North Korean used to cross the border riding on a tube along the river ‘on purpose’. And they make an excuse of flood. More interesting stories can be heard during our DMZ tour.
Han river is one of the major rivers in Korea. It is the river dividing south and north of Seoul which called Gangbuk and Gangnam. And the famous song ‘Gangnam style’ is the Gangnam area. Now Gangnam is well-known as the village where the rich people live but Gangnam was undeveloped area and it was not even part of Seoul. In the past, Seoul was almost entirely based on the north side of the river. South of the Seoul played a central role as a capital for 600 years of Joseon dynasty. That’s the reason why most of historical relics are concentrated in the south area. And Korea planned to decentralize the population in north area and included the south as a part of Seoul. And they started developing the area. But first it was not easy to make people move to south from north. So Korea came up with a good idea. ‘Taking advantage of a high education heat’ Even now, Korean parents are enthusiastic about their children’s education. So they do whatever about education. So Korea relocated many elite high schools to the south. Interestingly, a lot of people moved to the south for their children’s education and now Gangnam is the most developed city in Korea.
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