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Amazing experience
It was an amazing experience of my life. Beautifully built palaces and a good tour guide Mr. Hong made my trip great. Thank you.
Modify!!   Delete!!   Reviewed by : Jannice, Malaysia, 2016/07/25  

Seoul tour
Worth our time and money!!
I really enjoyed our tour. Seoul offers a lot to see and learn.
I definitely would like to recommend this tour if you want to see highlights of Seoul!
Modify!!   Delete!!   Reviewed by : Mark, USA, 2016/07/01  

Very Pleased Tour

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To Tony.

Very pleased tour, with lots of fruitful discussionabout various topics
of Korean history, politics, religion.
We enjoyed this perfect afternoon tour alot that gave us a nice overview of Seoul city.
We are pleased to thank Nancy for thiswonderful tour and perfect company.


Modify!!   Delete!!   Reviewed by : Ludovic, France, 2014/09/05  

Satisfying experience with

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Hi John ~
Remember me. I'm Mark Thompson from Sanfrancisco. you were our tour guide. I enjoyed talking to you about many things including us,My family (we had total of 4 of us on the trip) are always talking good things about South Korea. We were impressed the beautiful sorrounding, the trees, the progress of your country and all are diligently working hard. So how have you been? do you ever plan to come to Sanfrancisco? If you plan give me a buss. any way thank you for your hard work and your hospitality there. We hope someday we will come back again in a few years. Keep me in touch if you have time. I know you are busy. I hope you had a chance to read the Wathtower & Awake. So take care & God bless you.

Modify!!   Delete!!   Reviewed by : Mark Thompson, USA, 2014/08/07  

Martin & Laura Cowie

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Wow .... Thank You!!! Thanks to your Company our time in Seoul has been fantastic.
Tony. We must congratulate you on the professional service you deliver....
Your tour to JSA/DMZ on Saturday allowed us to gain an insight into the South/North Korean conflict that we would never have previously understood. It was well timed, had excellent content and was a day we will remember for many years to come.
Today we did the City Tour which gave us an in depth understanding - both modern and old - of your fabulous city.
In all of this your transfer transport system was punctual, clean and safe. And the fact that you send us all home via individual vans was a delight. Once the tour is finished,there is nothing worse than having to endure an endless list of drop offs when all you want to do is get home. Made for happy tourists!
Your guides are great .... Full of fun, full of anecdotes, Please tell Lisa that thanks to her "stories" and personal attention,we had such a great day!
And finally a thank you to you. Such a wonderful surprise to receive your present which I may certainly use. My husband Martin and I met at school when we were 15 and some 40 years later we are still together. That said ... I may make use of the ducks. I will turn them back to back when he is being naughty!!
Your patience and understanding have been much appreciated. It will be a pleasure to recommend your company.
Our best regards to you

Martin & Laura Cowie

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